This week's KIP

In honor (honour?) of St. Patrick's Day, I give you the latest installment of KIP, Boston style:


The Greenhills Bakery (motto: Freshness and Quality) at 780 Adams Street in the city's Dorchester neighborhood was packed on Thursday morning.  In spite of the throngs of Bostonians seeking their loaves of soda bread, I was still able to find a seat for a little KIP after my scone and coffee.  I think this qualified as the best scone I have ever eaten in Boston, or anywhere else for that matter.  If you're ever in Boston, make the effort to pay a visit.

The knitting wasn't too bad, either.

Now, in honor of St. Joseph's Day, go eat a zeppole!


your cafe pics are the best!

Funny thing, I never heard of celebrating st. Joseph's day while living all my life in Poland...neither of zeppoles...

Heh. I too love your drank-and-a-WIP photo shoots... they're always so fun.

Greenhill does make a tasty, tasty scone! I haven't thought about them in a long time. On my side of the river, Mariposa in Central Square can't be beat.


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