The Pattern....

is here!  Just remember, this pattern is for personal use only.  No one should sell this pattern, or sell any garment produced with this pattern.  Hey, if I'm not making any money from this, no one should be making any money from this :-).

Remember PDA users: you can download the pattern into your handheld.

*Blush* I'm so flattered by all of your compliments on my sweater.  Thank you!


I'd be happy to pay for a pattern such as this! Maybe you should think about selling them or at least submitting to a knitting magazine??

Printing it out as I type. Thanks so much!

I absolutely LOVE your sweater. I can't wait to make it. Thank you so much for sharing the pattern with us!

Thank you for your incredible generosity in sharing this pattern! I love, love, love this sweater and can't wait to make it.

You're a peach (and a fine designer to boot).


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