The doorbell rang yesterday afternoon.  It was our postman (yes, our postal carrier is a man, so I can very legitimately call him "our postman".) with a package.  A package for me!


I become giddy with delight when I receive a package unexpectedly.   After thanking the postman, I raced back up the stairs with box in hand.  A package!  A package!  Look what I discovered inside:


A box of beautiful notecards from none other than Cara!  Cara, some readers may remember, was up in Boston a little more than a week ago and we met for lunch.  I was sorry that I missed out on the afternoon's yarn-shopping adventures, but I needed to scurry back to my office to finish up a few things before I left for New York.

Cara, these photographs make me feel so good!  Spring is on its way!  Cara is a wonderful photographer; take a look at her work!


Oh my, amazing photographs. Thanks for sharing.


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