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Last Saturday night, Matt and I attended a concert by Boston Baroque at the New England Conservatory of Music's Jordan Hall.  Before the concert, we were out and about in the neighborhood, and I had a small bit of knitting with me (the in-progress front of my V-neck).  Before the concert began, I knit in my seat.  When the concert began, I covered my lap with my shawl and continued to work while I listened to the performance.

Was this rude?  I'm not so sure.  My project was small; I didn't pull out a giant afghan, three big skeins of yarn and have at it.  I didn't drag a giant bag into the seats with me.  Everything fit comfortably on my lap.  My eyes didn't need to stray from the stage, and accept for the woman sitting next to me (a fellow knitter, who thought it was fine if I didn't cover up my work!) no one could have been distracted by what I was doing.

Certainly, my progress during the concert was not huge; I finished two increase repeats.  I let listening to the concert take priority, as was appropriate for the occasion.

I'm usually quite sensitive to what are acceptable activities in a particular surrounding, and I didn't think that quiet knitting like that would be objectionable.

Comments?  Opinions?  Was I going too far?


Did someone complain? I think it's fine to multitask quietly. Personally, I can't get through children's piano recitals without handwork of some kind, and the presumed audience responsibility there is so much more than at an adult performance, where you've paid for your ticket, and the house is dark. As a past performer, as long as there's applause in the right places, I'm happy.

No I think that knitting where you want is fine. As long as you're not distracting anyone with lots of noise (now there's a thought...noisy knitting)Good for you, some people are still too embarrassed to knit in public!

I don't understand what you are worried about? You paid for the ticket, you listened to the music and you didn't bother anybody. I must be missing something.

I think the only things to worry about during those types of events are your neighbors. If they aren't distracted then knit away with abandon!

I totally agree with Valentina, above. I knit EVERYWHERE except for meetings at work, and believe me, I'd be a better listener if I could knit in meetings! I have three words for you: Knit. In. Public.

I think it's fine, and I'd do it myself if I were in your situation. I do, however, know that some people think it's highly inappropriate. For example, my brother thought it was rude of me to bring my knitting to watch the superbowl at his house! So I say do what you choose, but know that not everyone will agree.

i think it's fine, too. doesn't sound like you distracted anyone else or anything -- i definitely agree that knitting often helps concentration, and knitting and listening to some good music is wonderful!

Well, I guess I don't agree. There are some places that knitting is not appropriate and downright rude. At a concert! How would you like to have rehearsed for weeks or months and perform and see someone with two knitting needles going at it. I think you have to ask yourself..."Did I really need to knit during a concert.?" What about the other people in the row? Whether you notice it or not, it can be distracting. You're trying to watch the stage and out of the corner of your eye you keep seeing movement. Sorry, it was the wrong place.

I think the biggest worry is the noise. I don't knit during any live theater or performances. Even in a movie theater, if I can hear it, I know the people right next to me probably can so I don't do it.

geez, Jody, no knitting during the Superbowl??? What a zealot!!! LOL

I'm one all for KIP in concerts and movie theatres. Your rules are very thoughtful. My additional rules: Only wood or bamboo needles (no "click-click-click"-ing), nothing but circs so there's zero chance of clattering one to the floor; only stuff I can do by feel - straight stock st or seed. If there's action involved (i.e., a play), I won't do it. But if it's dark in the theatre, why not? The vahst majority of folks will not even know you're doing it. *K*I*P*!!!

~ honeybee33 ~

I'm all about knitting during movies, but during a live concert the performers might find it a little distracting, especially if you're sitting where they can see you (like the front row). We knitters know that we're great multitaskers, and we are completely capable of concentrating on something else while our needles are clicking away. However, other people might not understand this and think you're just being rude and inattentive. I guess my opinion is if you can keep it quiet and you don't care what other people think, knit away wherever you want!

i'm halfsies on this one. it certainly wouldn't have bothered me, but i think a non-knitter is sensitive to the clacking needles. if you used bamboo or something similarly quiet, no biggie! i know though that when i bring my addi turbos to my daughter's piano lesson, it is noticed and heard, unfortunately :( pfft.


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