Sleeve Success!

Yesssss!  I could not hide my glee when I discovered that my sleeve-cap calculations were correct.  The cap fits!  I should have more faith in my math.

Here is my sleeve in all its unblocked glory:


I made two slight modifications as I was knitting.  First, I eliminated two decreases from the wrist area and moved them to the cap.  Then, I followed Jody's advice for the final bind off rows.  I think that this made the top slightly smoother.

Maybe this can be my Easter sweater, after all.

May I be among the first to wish you all a happy Evacuation Day!   Boston still celebrates a Revolutionary War-era holiday that conveniently coincides with St. Patrick's Day.  I have the day off work.  Very convenient, indeed!


Do you work for the government? My fiance does and he could have had today off (decided to just use the floater for the time of the wedding).

I love it when the math works!

i'm so jealous. it would be nice to have the day off. i'm one boston shlump who has to work. bah.

You'd think Evacuation Day would be the day after St. Patrick's Day...

Nice sleeve! and thank you for reminding me how to make smooth decreases, i had forgotten all about it.


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