Sleeve me Alone

Last weekend's weather was perfect for knitting.  If you live in New England, you know exactly why it was perfect stay-inside-with-tea-and-yarn time.  If you don't live in New England, just imagine: first rain, then wet snow.  Got that image?  Good.

I cast on for the first of my V-neck sleeves.  Usually I do both sleeves at once.  Because, however, I am unsure about my design for both the bell shape and the sleeve cap, I'm knitting each sleeve individually.  I want to travel light just in case I I am called away to The Pond (and you know to which pond I refer).


Laying it out like this makes me excited to get the sleeve finished and see if my calculations worked.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!


It's looking good! Once this pattern is finished, are you planning on making it available for others as well?


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