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Happy Easter everyone, if you are celebrating.  If you're not celebrating, kick back with some jelly beans and enjoy the lovely day we're having in the Northeast US.

Because I suspect that blog reading will be at a minimum today, I'm presenting a simple, quick sewing project that is a great way to use up a length of leftover fabric.

First, grab your fabric and your sewing machine.  I was lucky enough to score a piece of crushed velvet in a deep red from Dana at the Knitsmiths' swap last week.  How long and wide should your fabric be?  You be the judge.  I wanted a shawl/scarf, so the amount of material I had (it was probably about five feet long, and 45 inches wide) was perfect.


Next, press some hems around the edges.  How wide?  I don't know.  Do whatever suits you.

Then, with right sides together, sew the thing like a pillowcase, leaving one side open.  Turn the piece right side out, and sew the last side shut. 

Done and done!


Look, it's a shawl!


Now it's a scarf!  I know that Christmas is months and months away, but this would be a great, crafty idea for anyone on your list.

Thanks Dana!


there's that fabulous sweater again...glad you're enjoying the day...scout and i spent 3 hours at the playground and now, thankfully, she naps, and i knit

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