Provisional Cast On

As knitting continues on the second V-neck sleeve, I know that I approach an important knitting decision (IKD).


I plan to use a picot bind off to edge the bottoms of the sleeves and the body of my V-Neck.  To do that, I began my knitting with a provisional cast on.  When I'm ready, I simply slip a needle through the bottom row of stitches, pull out the crocheted chain that I used for the cast on, and I'm ready to go.

I've seen so many cute examples of picot edgings out in blogland that it wasn't a difficult sell for my V-neck.  Picot edgings are so springy and cute--very feminine, without being overly fru-fru.  I knew early on that it would be the perfect compliment to the shape of this project.

My IKD concerns the timing of edging.  To make said IKD, I need to answer the following questions:

Do I do the picot edging before or after I block?

If I edge after I block, do I do the edging before or after I seam together the pieces of the sweater?

On a related IKD note:

Should I do the edging with a needle one (or two?) sizes larger than the needle size I used to knit the sweater body?

Any and all comments and advice would be appreciated.


oh i so wish i could help you but i haven't done a picot edging though i want to soon. i have only used provisional with socks and your cast on looks great.

Not sure about the blocking part, but I would say the edging goes on after the seaming, that way you can smoothly connect it front to back, and all around the sleeves. On second thought, that might be a bit tricky because the first and last stitch will not be inside the seam and you may not want to picot those. Oh, I give up, I don't know. The only time I've added an edging working in the opposite direction of the knitting, the piece was knit in the round, so there were no seam concerns. I think I might have confused you more :\.

let me bring "knitting on the edge" this afternoon and see what words of wisdom it has to offer....i have none

Don't have any advice, but I'll echo Froggy and say the cast on looks great - I think I've forgotten all my cast ons from my class already.

The picot will be wonderful!

I have no experience on this, but i would do the edging before blocking and seaming or anthing else, to make sure that there is more consistency in the final result.
love picot edgings!

last time i did picot on a pair of socks, i didn't knit enough rows on either side of my yarn-over row, and the picot edge ended up folding over itself a little bit around the sock cuff. it might be different for you since you're knitting it along a longer, flatter edge, but i'd definitely recommend doing a test run on a swatch before you go and start the real thing. that way you can also test which needle size gives you the gauge you like. i would also do the picot after seaming. good luck!

I'm terribly lazy, So I would just go with a simple crochet picot. The knit picot looks strangely unfinished to me too (in general).

I have to ask though--since I've NEVER seen this addressed in any knitting book, or article--when you do a provisional cast on, do you end up losing that first stitch too, or am I doing something terribly wrong?

I would do the edging before blocking too.

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