Thanks for your thoughts about my post yesterday.  Those who were both pro- and con-knitting made good points.  Just to clarify, I do not think that a concert is an appropriate venue for a full-out KIP, like I might do in a café, but certain situations could be okay for a quiet, inconspicuous lap project when I can keep my hands covered.

The caterpillar has gone off to sit on the finishing shelf until this evening, when I can attach the legs, stuff, and sew the ends together.

In other knitting news, I am working feverishly on the front of my V-neck.  Through two small, innocent errors (forgot one increase, and bound off one less stitch on an armhole) I ended up with 72 stitches instead of the required 70.  I fretted about this for a good while until I realized that I can simply slip in another decrease row.  No one will notice, and I'll be back at 70.  Whew!  That was a close call.

Speaking of no one noticing, please don't notice my dark photo.


I'm a little disappointed with myself for not having caught those two mistakes (I thought that I was being extremely careful).  Lesson for the day: count, and count, and count again!


Life's too short to worry about a couple of stitches isn't it? What's a row amongst friends!

Sounds like the saga of my life. Count, count again, count a third time. Continue working and discover I can't count to 65 (or the one that was the bane of my existence, counting to 81).

But a very nice save that is!

I'm with Seanna Lea on this one. The counting never ends. I swear. If someone told me how much knitting actually had to do with math and numbers, I'm not sure I ever would've picked it up. Two stitches is nothing though, in the scheme of things. Glad you worked out a solution.

It looks great! I truly feel that there just aren't very many mistakes in knitting...if there's something you don't like, you just make adjustments (like you did) or fix it. But, I know how you feel - there have been times I've ripped something out just because I would "know" about a purl where a knit should have been according to the pattern, even if no one else would ever see it.

No one will ever notice! And it looks great so far!

that looks great! no one will ever know, but you, about the minor flub ups. i'm looking forward to seeing this all done up - i love the color!


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