Pretty in Picot

I like this picot bind off even more than I thought that I would:


It looks a little like a ruffle in its pre-blocked state.  When I began this project, I conceived ruffled edges for the body and sleeves.  Perhaps this was inspired by the finished Cheesylove on Jstrizzy's blog (click here for the FO pick).  When, however, I swatched for my project, I quickly discovered that the line created by that ruffle would be too severe for the look I had in mind.

Thank you for all of your input and suggestions for sequencing the bind off.  I decided to do the picot with the same size needle (US 8) that I used for the body, and do it before I blocked and seamed.  A US 10 would have been too big, and I don't seem to possess a US 9.  The bigger needles would have been to difficult to jam into the stitches, anyway.

I'm happy that I decided to do the bind off before I blocked.  Look at how the bind off curls.  That will definitely be fixed with a nice lie-in on my blocking board.

Speaking of Knitty, shouldn't the spring edition be arriving soon?


Looks great! Can't wait to see it after the blocking (speaking of which, Ribby Cardi STILL hasn't been blocked - told you I'd never make an Easter deadline.) LOVE the yarn - don't think I noticed the gold flecks before - just beautiful.

Looks great! I like interesting bind-offs, and the best book (IMO) for that type of info is Knitter's Handbook by M. Stanley.

Yeah, Knitty spring blah-blah... groan... I'm already conceiving another project, doomed for rejection, of course.

perfect edge for that sweater! is this an easter sweater?

I like your edge, it really adds a touch of class to the sweater, can't wait to see it after blocking.


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