Notes on a Sweater

After a few weeks of wear, I'm ready to release notes on my February cardigan.  As some may recall, I extensively modified a very basic cardigan pattern I received at WEBS.  The oh-so-helpful Jill at WEBS produced a pattern for me with the Sweater Wizard software.  My version adjusts for a different gauge; and includes ribbing, waist shaping, and a nifty collar.


If you decide to knit this pattern, please let me know if you have any questions or problems with my modified instructions.  As I note at the bottom of each page, this pattern is for personal use only.  You can neither sell the pattern, nor can you sell any garment produced from this pattern.

A Big-Collared Cardigan (48.5K)


wow, colleen, that looks great! you did an awesome job. i have to say, i like the little green glass dishes next to the light green wall. that looks cool!

Very nice, classic sweater!

That looks like the kind of sweater you will wear ALL THE TIME! Good job.

Colleen, I definitely want to use your pattern. A cardigan is so useful..waist shaping is a nice idea..some sweaters can be so boxy. Thanks for passing it along!

Very cool sweater! Your built in cabinet reminded me of one in our first home. I wished I could have lifted that house and moved it to where we needed to be. If I did that, I would have had to copy your paint color!

Great job on modifing the pattern - it's a perfect fit! Good luck on the second sleeve.

And I love the wall too.


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