New York Report

[With apologies to Cassie] I saw them:


I took some fiber home with me:


Hey!  Where's the yarn?  Where are the buttons?  Did you buy any trim?  Weee-llll, in a word, "no".

I know, slap a big "L" on my forehead, and call me a "loser".

Frankly, I don't need any yarn, and I know enough about myself to know that stockpiling buttons and trim is a waste of time.  By the time that I get around to using any of the stuff, its appeal will have long worn off.

I do find New York to be an inspiring environment.  There is creativity oozing up from the sidewalks ("That's not creativity," a few of you remark.)  Well, I guess that I mean figuratively oozing.  This alone, was worth the trip.

Truly, there is almost nothing that I cannot find in one of Boston's many fine yarnshops.  Why deprive them of the business?  There will be other NY yarn-shopping opportunities (for those things that Beantown cannot provide); especially when it is so cheap, and so easy to get down there on the bus.  Next time, however, I will take Greyhound.  I don't believe in rewarding overbooking and a confusing ticketing system with my business.


hi colleen! lovely pics and fiber you got there! is the fiber actually from one of the gates?

i admire your ability to just say no to yarn you don't need. it's fun to buy, but sometimes i'll get home and say, "why'd i buy this?!" brava.

have a great day!

I'm so proud of you. This also answers my concerns with regards to 'that' bus option.
I know what you mean by "oozing". Figuratively and otherwise.

You think you'll be able to find yarn in beantown - but as you now know, I bought it all. Wish I had your self-control!

Come down anytime - it'll be my turn to give you a tour!

I think buying yarn on trips isn't always necessary, esp if you've got tons of local shops to patronize. Glad you enjoyed the city, and no need to apologize to me for anything. Did you take the Chinatown buses?

Bummer about the China Bus. I've still got to try...if only for the novelty of it. ;)

From the looks of them there gates, you went on a good day. Not too crowded. I'm sorry to hear you can't say the same about the Chinatown bus. :(

Good call on supporting the locals..I am so thrilled that there are now TWO great yarn stores in the Nevada City/Grass Valley area, that every time I look through a catalog or magazine, I remind myself to check and see if I can get it here (too bad the prices are so much better online for yarn, but needles, etc. are often the same price). Fab photos.


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