New York Knitting

I got quite a bit accomplished on the back of my V-neck during the bus ride to NYC.  My seatmate, Nathan, was extremely curious about my knitting, and it was all I could do to stop from giving him some needles and yarn and teaching him how to cast on (he was interested, but not THAT interested).

The four-hour block of knitting time ensured that I finished the back of the V-neck this week:


So far, so good,  I love the feel of this yarn.  Can't wait to return to it as soon as I finish this baby gift.

An update on my Palm Pilot experiment: it is so easy to make pattern alterations, change wording for clarity.  I am loving this too.

I owe you all notes on my cardigan.  They are coming, trust me.


wow, that looks awesome. are those fun stripey patterns part of the yarn or just trick photography? because it looks great!!!

I find your gift of baby very amusing and very funny, your back of sweater goes up quickly. Cheer

Maybe you should take extra needles and yarn on your next ride in case someone's interested in learning!

Beautiful color, Colleen. I'm wishing you luck on the pattern-creating. I haven't reached designing wearables yet but I applaud everyone who's taken that step!


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