Koigu's Dirty Little Secret

Valentina was right, Koigu is superwash!  Valentina, Ms. MeMoiJa mentioned this little tidbit in my comments, and I thought "nah, can't be."

Well, sure enough, she's right.  I put my socks into a cold-water wash, in a lingerie bag.  I washed on the normal cycle, with normal detergent.  They were none the worse for wear when I removed them from the machine.

Good to know, eh?


the owner of one of my LYSs swears it's not superwash because superwash wouldn't wear as well (something about the treatment process breaking down the yarn a bit). but she agrees that it IS washable. when i asked her what kind of yarn that makes it she said -- Koigu! -- as if it's its own category :)

That is interesting to know, especially since I've avoided it for that reason. Let's break out the Koigu again and get socking!

it's a very good thing - not that I needed another reason to put koigu ahead of a ton of other yarns....but this helps decide the next pair!

Someone once told me that there are two superwash treatments: one that removes the "scales" from the wool surface (the "scales" are what open up and then lock to each other in felting wool) and another that "sticks" the scales shut.

She also said that the "sticky" treatment is less harsh, but that it CAN wash out over time - leaving you with a felted surprise one day.

Possibly, that's how Koigu is processed. I don't know. I still handwash my Koigu socks.

That IS good to know, and I've been wondering that...in terms of the "baby clothes" angle. Although I'm still probably not going to jump too high about making baby clothes out of such an expensive yarn....but maybe for somebody really special.....

So did you dry them in the machine or just hang them? This is great to know...I've avoided it because I know I just won't handwash socks. God, it's all I can do to keep up with the MACHINE laundry.

really, machine washable? i, too, have been reluctant to make socks out of koigu for that very reason. if it's true, then the possibilities are endless.

Lovely socks...I am working on a pair using the same pattern. They look like a great fit.

Hmmm... I've been know to argue quite violently about this :). There is a difference between machine-washable and superwash. Koigu is machine-washable, alright (and so is most wool, as long as it's cold water and a very gentle cycle), but to be considered "superwash", as you call it, the wool must have been specially treated, and would be labeled "superwash" on the label as such. Any thoughts?


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