It's the Process, Right?

That's what I continued repeating to myself last night, as I began to shape the other side of the V-neck.

For some reason, a giant gap developed at the base of the V-neck, between the first and second stitches.  What happened?


The short answer is that I don't know.  Not a very good answer if I'm designing this pattern with the expectation that one or two other people might want to knit it also.  The gap could have something to do with the K2Tog that I did just before I separated the two sides.  I did a K1, Sl1, PSSO.  Was the increase leaning the wrong way?  Maybe a simple K2Tog would have prevented the gap.  Maybe I should have left well enough alone and skipped the K2Tog completely.

All night that gap stared at me, while I continued to work and contemplated how to close it.  Claudia always seems to boss her knitting around successfully, and I took inspiration from that.  I grabbed my yarn needle and a small length of yarn and cinched a couple of loops together on the back.  Some knitters have a problem with using knots in their work.  I, fortunately, do not.


Order and discipline was restored in Knitting Land, but I'm still bothered that I needed to do that in the first place.



Eh, that just happens! I always tell my classes that things like that happen, (little holes at the shoulders when you are picking up a neckband, or under the arms when you are seaming). The difference between a good knitter and a beginner is properly weaving in some yarn or an end to make it look nice! (You might still want to take out that knot and weave it in so that it doesn't work its way through to the front eventually. They have a nasty way of doing that!)

looks great! way to fix it.

That's it, just show it who's boss!

I'm not quite sure what you're saying you did on the front, so I can't really comment on what might've caused the problem. But, I have done a few V necks that leave a single live stitch in the middle of the V and then have you go back and tack it down later. It seems to give that area more stability. Not that you can try that out now, but I thought you might want to know about it anyway :)

Oh -- and I second Johanna's suggestion about the knot. Knots have this inate ability to know which side is the RS and to make sure they're center stage!

DAMN, girl, way to boss that knitting around! it looks great!

Nice fix! Very inspirational. ;)


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