In the Clear?

Do you think that Boston will see any more of these this season?


Let's hope not.  Come on Spring!  I'm ready.


well, that is the prettiest one that I've ever seen - we won't say the "s" word, but someone on the morning news said it this morning, I'm not saying who, but his name started with bill ritter, and he's all like, naaahh, and I wish people wouldn't do that. don't they know a higher power is always listening in??? I received my beautiful orange yarn (new, old tweed) yesterday and so wanted to put on my site what it was for, but didn't know if you wanted the publicity!

What a beautiful snowflake !!! ;-)

SHHHHHHHHHHHHH! The fates are listening!

We already tempted fate by taking out the caulking in the bedroom window - and that's the best reason for winter coming back that I've ever heard.

Today's just gorgeous down here. Hope it's the same up there.

You never know what the weather man will send our way...but I hope not!

Memorial day - only after that day will I plant my flowers outside.


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