I'm Knitting Baby!

You know, I am simply not motivated to do a complicated baby knit for an upcoming baby shower.  This kid is getting a knitted toy, and that's it.  I've got a chunk of knitting stuff on my plate that needs to be moved before the spring knits can begin (ah, spring!)

Does that make me a selfish knitter?  Yes.  Do I care?  No.

From the cocoon of yarn emerges a caterpillar (I know, I know, it should be the other way around):


The Lion Brand Wool-Ease is machine washable and dryable, and I'm using it for those reasons only.  I find that the yarn is quite splitty, and simply not as much fun to knit with as my Tahki New Tweed.


Oh, I'm all for selfish knitting. As a knitter with 3 big "obligation projects," I find I'm just not looking forward to knitting at all! It's supposed to be fun, not a chore!

Oh my gosh, I just said to my friend last night, "I am tired of making baby gifts, I just want to work on my socks!"

that's gonna be one funky caterpillar - love the color!

Why is it that that "selfish knitter" thing comes up all the time? Who cares? Who is it that makes us feel selfish? All those people who don't really appreciate handknits? Feh! It's our time. So we knit for ourselves, because we know what went into it and how often we ripped back etc. I like knitting socks for the hubby because he really appreciates it. Other than that, it's all me, moi, ja! OK, the SIL seems to be very appreciateive, too, but I'm not covering her in handknits exactly. My commute is only so long. Rant over. ;-)

it's going to be great. i also finished a baby sweater for a shower with red heart yarn. i keep finding myself making stuff for other people that interrupts my knitting. does that make me a selfish knitter? yes. do i care? sometimes.


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