How do you Learn to Read Charts?

You write some of your own.

I guess that I learn best by example.  I understood chart reading in theory, but in practice I still prefered line-by line instructions.  Not so anymore!  I love chart reading.  I can see exactly how a row should be worked, and understand the logic behind a stitch pattern, quite quickly.


This is how I have been using the Lambs Pride superwash yarn that I got at the Knitsmiths' swap last weekend.  I have a few ideas kicking around in the ol' noggin that need fleshing out.  A sketch grew into a chart, which morphed into another chart, which might result in a design.  We'll see.


Ah, the suspense around here! I prefer charts,as that way you can glance at where you're going, rather than slowly reveal step by step as you go.

ROFL at your comment on my blob. I love your blob, too.

I ma the opposite, I learned from German magazines that mostly had charts and when I came here I couldn't use any books as I found line-by-line instructions too comlicated and frustrating to follow. Finally I knitter some baby elf booties from "Weekend knits " and I got through the instructions fine. i prefer the charts, though sometimes they are not as acurate and as detailed liek the line-by-line. Some German magazines assume you already know pretty well how to knit and ignore the begginers.


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