Good Friday

It is a good Friday, indeed, because I can report that my sweater pieces seamed together perfectly!

Here's what the sweater looked like about a third of the way through, with one shoulder in place, and one side seam together.


This was simply beyond words exciting!  In a burst of excited energy, I seamed, and seamed, and seamed some more.  Result:


Yup, I love it.  After washing, the Tahki New Tweed became even softer and took on a very light drape.  It's perfect for this sweater.   Although Merino wool composes 70 percent of the fiber blend (with the remaining 30 percent being 15 percent silk, 11 percent cotton, and 4 percent viscose), the knitted fabric feels like linen.  I had no idea that the yarn would have these qualities, and I could not have made a better choice for this knit.  Can you tell that I love this yarn as much as the sweater I knit with it?

Maybe you'll want to knit this sweater too?  Check back later today for the pattern.

NOTE: Apparently, Tahki Stacy Charles changed the composition of the New Tweed and reduced the amount of yarn in each ball.  According to the company's website the yarn now comprises 60 percent wool, 26 percent viscose, and 14 percent silk.  Rats!  I can't say how the changes in fiber composition would affect the fabric's feel and appearance.


oooooooooooohhhhhhhhh, it's LOVELY. I want the pattern!!! Damn Tahki for changing the yarn like that.

Looks great on you!

congratulations! that sweater has such pretty lines. and you did a beautiful job calculating out the sleeve cap. great work! enjoy it :)

wow! that looks fabulous on you! i might have to knit me one of those too, excellent design.

Oh Colleen, this is the most fabulous thing you've knit. It fits you perfectly, it's flattering, the color is great, the ruffle/picot BO is flattering. It's fabu!

Colleen, it's gorgeous! The neckline is very flattering, and the picot edging is so darling. Huzzah!

Look at that smile says it all really doesn't it? Have a great Easter.

That is soooo pretty! And it fits perfect too... can't ask for more than that! Beautiful knitting!

Wow! I saw it in pieces and thought, "that's such a Colleen sweater; it's perfect for her." You must be delighted--you should be!

That is absolutely gorgeous and it looks fantastic on you. And I want to make it. I have a box of Tahki in my stash and I was waiting and waiting and now you have given me inspiration!!!!!!

Actually, yes, I want the pattern. I like the swirly sleeves (and have been meaning to crib from a couple of Knitty patterns to get the effect in my first sweater), but I think yours are a bit better for what I had in mind.

Fabulous! Congratulations on such a wonderful job.

Hello, what's that? Oh, it's a freaking gorgeous sweater! It came out absolutely beautiful! I love it! I'm so happy that you love it, too! My favorite parts: the color looks great on you and the edging.

WOW! Better than I could've imagined - the fit is amazing. Amazing job Colleen! Can't wait to see the pattern. Have a great weekend (personally, I wouldn't take it off!)

Very pretty - it all came together perfectly - gorgeous yarn, simple lines, great fit. Doesn't get any better!

It's pretty and fits you perfectly. Congratulations!

Gorgeous... Can't wait to see the pattern. I'm envisioning it in cotton for a light summer sweater. Great job!

so beautiful! and so generous of you to share the pattern, thank you! perfect for my reading-while-knitting list, better get started soon

So cute! In fact, I think it might be WAY TOO CUTE. As in all caps, baby. ; ) Nice job! And nice use of that New Tweed.

Fabulous! You're my new knitting hero. Absolutely fabulous.

i absolutely love is so flattering of your shape and is by far my favorite of your handknits...congratulations

Yay, Colleen! It's PERFECT! Truly, your best one yet!

Beautiful Sweater! Besides looking great, I love the color on you! I'll bet it's comfy too. What's next??!
Thank you for sharing the pattern with us.

Colleen..Wow I love your sweater.The colour you chose and the style you chose are perfect for you. Thank you for sharing the pattern!

THAT sweater is too cute for words. I'm proud of you and I don't even know you:)

I found your site via the knitting bloggers ring.

Good job.

The sweater is absolutely perfect! And thanks for posting the pattern.

gorgeous! looks fantastic!


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