Does Stitchy Know?

Does Ms. McYarnpants know about this?

Fresh from this week's installment of the Knitter's Pattern-a-Day Calendar (or whatever it's called--personally I am ready to chuck the whole thing in the recycling bin) we have this:


What the heck....  Did anyone in the marketing department do any research to determine what we knitters might actually want to knit?  Apparently not! 

Finally, may I just rant a bit?  It's not a pattern-a-day calendar when there is one page for both Saturday and Sunday, and at least one pattern a week continues over two days.  Let's call it the five-patterns-a-week calendar.


I agree!! That little leprechaun was a wee bit scary!! Every time I flip a page, I get a little more p*ssed off...but I keep hoping!

Really? You don't want to knit him, just a little bit? I'm actually impressed with the lack of scarves and dumb projects in this callender. I have a decent stack of patterns that I'm holding onto for future projects or ideas. Just think of how bad a year full of scarf patterns could be...

Jan 1= Splash + Fizz
Jan 2= Fizz + Deco Ribbon
Jan 3= Deco Ribbon + Eyelash

See where I'm going with this?

I think he's kind of cute!

No, no. I agree wholeheartedly with you. Stuff like this gives knitting a bad name. It reminds me of the toliet paper cozies my aunt used to crochet; one day Uncle Harry walked out of the bathroom with it in his hand and said,"what the hell IS this?" I use that as my gold standard of "What Would Uncle Harry Say?"when looking at patterns. Honestly, it's enough to make me a militant knitting extremist.

It may rank up there with the scary clown. And the fact that it's on my birthday just adds insult to injury. ;)

Thanks for the b-day wishes!

There has not been a thing in that calender with a second look (or a first for that matter). I won't buy the next one. It is good for a hurmph or a laugh sometimes, however.

I completely agree with you. I noticed one of the patterns actually spanned across THREE days.

And the leprechaun totally brought back visions of the scary clown pattern.

VERDICT: Definitely creepy!

Oh yeah, it's CRAP. I've been earmarking the few patterns that I might even consider knitting (right after a fire wipes out my real pattern stash). There's about 6 of them so far. Have to admit, I do like the little leprechaun though.

All I can muster to say is: GROAN!!!!

Oh, I'm glad I'm not the only one who was freaked out by the horrible, horrible leprechaun. And I'm IRISH.

I actually got two copies of that calendar for Christmas. It seemed like such a great idea, but the patterns are so wretched. I think some of us knitters should band together and make a calendar of patterns that don't suck.

The only reason I got that calendar is because an internet-friend of mine has a pattern in there... and I think her pattern is the only decent one! Okay, okay, there's also a simple lacy scarf knit on a diagonal, but it's a pattern I could have found anywhere! Truly disappointing, will not be buying any more of these calendars.

Don't chuck it,send it to me!!!!!
All ya gotta do is send me a lil e-mail requesting my snail mail addy and I'll take it off your hands for good!
I'm sure there's something good about this calender,I cant find one around here.But then again I can't find an LYS or knitting group with in 20 miles either!!!!!!


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