Boo on Bernat! (and more sillies from my stats)

So, yesterday, Bernat released a free pattern that copies the poncho that Martha Stewart wore when she left prison last week.  Bernat advertised this as a "match" to Martha's poncho.

Someone (if you're a member of the list, sign in and you can access this link) on the Stitch-n-Bitch Boston  list (no membership required) pointed out that nowhere in the pattern was the actual designer, a woman who is an inmate in a Federal prison in the United States, credited.


Now, if I designed a pattern that was a "match" for something that Bernat created (copyrighted or not) and released it as such, would I not (at least in spirit)  be stealing another person's intellectual property?  Regardless, I have no doubt that I'd be contacted by one of Bernat's lawyers rather quickly to discuss my "design".

Am I making too much of this?  I don't think so.  Someone at that company should take the time to seek this woman's permission to use her idea and credit her as the designer of this poncho pattern.

And now for something completely different: apparently wool fetishes are a particularly European fixation, although not exclusively.  People have hit my site from; .pt; ; .fr; .ru; .de; and .ca.  (Yes, I know that Canada is not in Europe.  We Americans are not completely hopeless in the geography department.)  All used the search term "wool fetish".  I don't understand it, but then that doesn't really matter.  Subway Knitter is one open-minded woman and welcomes one and all.  Sorry that my site was not exactly what you were looking for ;-).


very funny. and you're right about the poncho pattern. i'd like to see this woman somehow credited for her work. even if just as an "inspiration".

I, too, think is appalling! More and more yarn companies to put on my... uhm, doo-doo list.

Funny about all the hits for "wool fetish" :). Then I was thinking, maybe it's a typo for wood, tool, cool, etc.?

Today is NOT a day to go outside. Have fun at Mind's Eye - I've actually never been, they have odd hours. I'm busy working on my Knitty reject.

What a great message and PR opportunity for Bernat if they were to credit the inmate. It would send a positive image out to the incarcerated that there are people "outside" who value what they do. But why stop there? Martha Stewart is a much larger brand than Bernat. She certainly has the resources to make a major impact. And I think it would be much better for her "new" image than some stupid Donald Trump-like reality show. But a wave of the needles to Martha for wearing it on the biggest media event of the day!
Wool fetish. Like a hair shirt? ewww...

I get crazy things on my blog too from Google.Don't forget either that any title for your post will come up too.example,one of my posts was called hunky men.well just imagine...

well apparently lion brand is not going to miss out on the hype as they have released their "coming home" free poncho pattern (play on words?)

the perfect companion to their recently release "mancho"

holy poncho!

that's tacky. give the woman some credit, bernat & lion brand! *shakes head*

i just wanted to tell you that your caterpillar turned out great! i am with you - i do not enjoy baby knitting for one second. don't know why - i just don't! but your little guy is so cute! the baby recipient will surely love it. nice work, colleen!

I am on a Yahoo knitting list where the same topic (giving credit where due) has been quite heated all week... seems like Lion has come out with a poncho as well using Homespun. I guess if you are in prison you have lost the right to have your intellectual property protected? Damm shame!


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