Another Lesson

When you design, you should add the height of the neck to the height of the front when you begin the neck shaping to see if the equal the entire height of the piece.

I, apparently, did not do that when planned my V-neck shaping.  As I approached the final decrease, I noticed that my armhole looked long.  Too long.  Sure enough, I began the neck shaping about two inches too high on the front.  R-r-r-r-i-p.

Sorry, I have no pictures of the offending neck shaping.  I discovered the mistake yesterday afternoon, and spent my subway knitting time frogging.

Neck shaping is instant-gratification knitting; there's always so much happening that the rows go quickly.  Very soon, I was almost back to my pre-frogging point:



I love the color!! The shapong looks wonderful, too!!

that looks just right! will you pick up the stitches and knit an edge around the V-neck opening?
just curious...


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