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My Takhi Tweed revealed its true mission.  It needs to be a knitted copy of my favorite summer shirt:


I bought this top at Costco, of all places.  I love the shape and I love the print, but I can't wear it in the winter.  This shape of this garment would work well in knitted fabric.  Lately, I've been thinking that this might be the perfect opportunity to delve into the world of designing.

What do I know about designing knitwear?  Absolutely nothing!  Since I know what I want the finished product to look like, I figure that it can't be impossible.

So, I made copious measurements of all parts of my shirt, drew a diagram, and took lots of notes.  Then I sat down with my copy of Vogue Knitting, and made some calculations.


After a couple of hours trying to figure out the shaping of my sleeve cap, it became obvious that I needed some graph paper, and some more information.  Fortunatly, I discovered this site that generates a custom-made sheet of graph paper to match my gauge.

Then there is Jenna's Knitty article, which I haven't fully digested.  This will be very helpful.

So far, this has been an interesting challenge.  It certainly keeps me out of trouble :-).


I would HIGHLY recommend a copy of Maggie Rhigetti's Sweater Design in Plain English. She talks a lot about the differences in fabric and knits - you have to take into consideration drape and stretch! If there's anything I learned from Rhigetti it's that knits stretch and drape - very much UNLIKE fabric.

Good luck with it! So exciting. (And so much MATH!)


The Keyboard Biologist has some info about the set-in sleeves of the sweater she's finishing right now. Her entry today deals with seaming them to the body. You may find it useful...


Seen Knitty's "top secret"? http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEfall02/PATTtopsecret.html
Not at all the gauge you're talking about, but almost exactly the right shape. Maybe something to be learned there.

Looks like you are on the right track, although I am not familiar enough with the yarn to know if it will give a soft enough drape. Maybe it's the word "tweed" that has me a little worried. Your favorite shirt is a great place to start with designing; I used to sew up copies of clothes that I thought had the best fit and cut. I do have a lot of faith in Vogue Knitting as a reference, and getting the right gauge to get the hand you want in the garment will be a crucial point in its evolution. I will follow your progress with interest. And, thanks for the compliment; looking younger than my years at 50 is making up for getting carded till I was in my early 30s! My cousins say its in our genes.

i love your adventurous and ambitious plans...this is definitely taking your knitting skills to the next level...didn't you take the knitting math class at circles? that should surely help...nice bumping into you last night...i loved your tam

I love that shirt! I look forward to seeing what you do with it.


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