Stash Storage II (or Before and After)

[The second in a two-part series detailing how Colleen finally gets control over her knitting supplies.  The first post was on Friday.]

The haul:


Two tubs for yarn, one tub for supplies, two file tubs, one magazine holder, one covered wooden box and one see-through mesh pouch for my knitting bag.  All of this came from The Container Store.  The wicker basket came from Crate & Barrel.

Okay, first things first: I had a clear-out.  It was a major, long-overdue, out-with-the-old-make-way-for-the-new type of clear-out.  Many things were tossed (no yarn was harmed during this sequence) and everything was reorganized.  That made some room to store yarn for future projects, patterns and magazines, and knitting supplies out of sight.  After that, I organized and repacked yarn, sorted and boxed supplies and needles (each in an individually labeled Ziploc bag), collected magazines and patterns, and packed away my supplies currently in use. 




I still needed somthing to hold whatever project I'm working on when I no longer want to look at it.  Enter the wicker basket and covered box.  Now, my current knit any supplies are in easy reach, but nothing is strewn all over some table or chair.



I'm pleased.  I know what I have, I know what I need, and most importantly I know where everything is.  You'd never know a knitter lived here :-).


Excellent! Looks great. Love the wicker basket. Now I only hope yours stays neat way longer than mine (I think it was about four days for me....)

looks great! there must be something in the air because i just did a huge stash reorganization yesterday myself! it feels so good, doesn't it?

good for you on organizing everything! looks great!

Good work ! I wish could do the same....

Ooh ooh ooh - everything looks terrific! I think I feel a trip to the Container Store coming on...

wow, that looks so clean and neat. do you make house calls? :)

thanks for the info about my blog - i worked on it last night and hope it's a-okay now. i appreciate your input there! :)

I did something similar a few months ago and wow, what a difference. I'm using up stash yarn, making my way through's amazing what a bit of organization can do for you! I need to go back, though, and do the Ziploc thing like you did on some of my stuff. Thanks for the reminder.

ohhh, the container store. nice job. the hardest part is figuring out what you need. looks like you kicked butt!

Great job with the big stash reorg! Looks super. And you know I love the wicker basket under the table.


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