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[Hey, Knitsmiths! Dava needs our email addresses again.  So, send yours to davamunn[at]mac[dot]com.  She'll appreciate it.]

Wow!  The second sock of the pair is knitting up much faster than the first.  [Note to Jess: the ribbing gets easier after the first few rows.  Everyone should go over to Jess's blog and give her some encouragement as she tackles her first sock.  Go Jess, go!]  After only a couple of days, I'm finished with the ribbing!


Why, you ask, is that sock lying on a beach chair?  Well, I was actually on vacation in Florida when this picture was taken.  In between canoing through the mangrove tunnels of the Everglades and walking through the cypress swamps of Fakahatchee Strand State Park I was knitting.  This picture was taken poolside at our bed & breakfast.  Actually, I was posting remotely all last week, and that's why I didn't respond to any of the wonderful comments that I received.  I read all of them, however, and appreciated all of the advice and encouragement.


I love that picture! And..I am jealous...canoeing in the Everglades! Hiking through the cypress swamps...did you find the Ghost Orchid?

now THAT's a florida vacation. when we go, it's always disney, which is fine, but nature's more interesting if you ask me. did you see any alligators? is that a dumb question? consider the source - someone who's only seen 'em in a zoo.

nice sock! those first few rounds of ribbing are awkward on those dpns, but once you get past round 3, it's all smooth sailing, isn't it?!

I wish I was in Florida! Sounds like you've had fun!

It's nice to get away for a few days, and a warm place is an added bonus. I wish I was lying on the beach chair instead of your great sock!

Tell Dava Katy says hi and misses Stashrash. :) And thanks for the blocking board info. sounds like a fun project.


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