Pattern Lusting

I had lunch yesterday with the wonderful Cara.   Hope that you're enjoying your Boston weekend, Cara, and thanks for lunch!

Have you ever seen a knitting pattern and immediately fixated on knitting said pattern?

I have, many times.  The latest incident was last weekend at Knitsmiths. Dava was making Venus from Rowan 33


I'm not a Rowan subscriber, and I fluctuate about whether or not to become one.  The designs are consistently great.  The patterns, however, run on the small side for my not-very-petite frame (and I'm not a large woman--especially by American standards these days).  Often the entire size range is too small for me.  I'm not going to pay for patterns that I have to resize when there are loads of great patterns that will fit me from the get-go.  Apparently, no woman in Rowan-land has a chest measurement larger than 38 inches (and if their models are any indication, that number is a lot smaller).  If Rowan were to realize that some women do, actually, run larger and add a few sizes at the upper end, I'd be first in line for a subscription.

I digress.  Back to Dava's pattern.  I looked at the measurements, and I could get myself into an extra large, maybe a large.  The recommended yarn?  Summer Tweed!  Such yarn loveliness I discovered at Liberty last spring.  Unfortunately there will be no trip to Liberty this spring.  Not really a problem, because I can find Rowan locally

The design will go perfectly with an asymmetrically hemmed skirt I just bought.  This has all the makings of a great outfit.


Thanks Colleen! I'm having a great time thanks to all the Boston blogger hospitality! Hope you made it to NYC okay - did you pick up earplugs? It was a great lunch - thanks again!

your cardigan it's very famous great job i love it.
Your new project are very nice and lovely

Ooh I do love that Summer Tweed. It's great yarn for a really nice pattern!


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