NYC Here I Come!

With a new sweater, of course:


Of all the photos that Matt took, this one best shows the sweater.  It is not, however, a great picture of moi.  Do I have that dorky expression all the time?  I probably do!  Here I was thinking that everyone on the train was staring at the knitting, but they were staring at that dorky-looking person with the knitting :-).

And, with a 4.5 hour bus journey this evening, I'd be a fool not to pack some knitting.


I made a little progress on my new project.  Do you notice my Palm Pilot among my knitting things?  I had the absolutely brilliant idea (in my mind, at least) to load my pattern-in-progress onto my Palm (via the Documents to Go application), and knit from that.  This way, if I need to make any changes or notes, I can add them directly to the pattern, instead of taking notes and retyping.  Efficient, no?

I'll have notes on my cardigan posted next week.  Let me wear it a bit, first, and decide what (if anything) I would do differently next time.  A weekend of wearing should give me an idea of whether or not this is a successful knit.  It looks quite promising already.


The sweater looks great!! You did a wonderful job.
I use my Palm for knitting on the go, too - love it!

Looks Fabu Ms. Subway. Way to go. Next time we meet up will you give me some palm tricks? I'm slowly switching my knitting stuff over to spreadsheets, etc. Any tricks?

Your sweater looks great-awesome job! Have fun in NY!

The sweater looks GREAT!

Have a great time in NYC this weekend. Are you taking the Fung Wah???

Have a great trip ! You show that knittnig and technology perfectly match.

Great job on the sweater! Hope you have a good weekend!

Perfect cardigan! enjoy your trip and knitting time!

Colleen...I love your cardigan! The finishing looks great.

Very nice sweater! I like the big buttons and the neckline :) People always stare at me knitting on the train too... alas, I am a subway knitter too... only in DC, not in Boston!

Have a nice weekend!

The sweater turned out great! Love the buttons, especially!

I *love* that sweater! Beautiful job :)

Forward planning, that's what I like to see, well done! Have a great trip.

Oooh what fun to have it all done! Great job turning a bag of yarn into a sweater with nothing much more than your little head!

Well, having seen the sweater in person (I'm so honored!), I can tell you the picture does not do the sweater (or the lovely lady) justice! And the buttons - to die for! Hope NYC treats you well....

Fantastic job! I love the extra wide collar. It looks great on you!

Hi, I have been reading your blog and it is great! Can you please tell me what color your green paint is in the background of your picture? I am looking for a color much like that and would love to know what it is!


Nice Job on the sweater!

Awesome job - it looks great! I'm sure that all the folks on the train were looking at the sweater. ;0)

The sweater is wonderful, as are the Depression glass sherbet cups in the cabinet!


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