No Rest for the Wicked

Or for me, for that matter :-).

Thank you for all of your comments and encouragement as I knit through my very first sock.  Sorry if all of those in progress pictures have some people the impression that I made it through the second of the pair.  I cast on for number two last night.  All of the "can-I-do-it?" trepidation that came with creating the first sock has melted away, and I'm settling in to this knit with a heightened degree of "knitting confidence".


I'm not an insecure person, in general, but the thought of that heel was quite intimidating until I worked through the instructions.  When in doubt, follow the directions.  Isn't that usually the way with knitting?


hooray for melted trepidation! it's so true - that whole heel business had me in an uproar, too, until i did one. same with thumbs on a mitten. but you're right - if you take it as it comes direction wise, your heart doesn't flutter too much :)

that sock yarn is perty :)

hi colleen! we met yesterday @ knitsmiths (i was the anxious first-time sock knitter sitting next to claire). So it turns out (I discovered this morning) that I've been following your blog on and off for a few months, and I didn't even know you were you! So hello, and thank you again -- SO MUCH -- for your help and moral support. The sock tube is well on its way -- maybe I'll even get "heeling" before next Sunday! See you then!

when were you at circles? i expected to see you...i went at 3pm so i could scoop up lots of jaeger merino at 40% off...i'm very happy....

Congrats on casting on making it to the second sock. The yarn you are using is beautiful. :)

Eh, that goes with pretty much anything. Go sock #2, go!


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