More Vacation Knitting

After a few days in the Everglades, we traveled down to the Florida Keys for some fun and sun in a maritime environment.  When we weren't swimming or snorkeling, I had lots of time to knit.  We stayed at wonderful bed & breakfast on Big Pine Key.  Who could resist sitting on a screened patio like this overlooking the ocean while waiting for breakfast to be served?  It was terrific.


Look: I shaped the heel!


Breakfast time....


Great pictures - lucky you to be in such a gorgoeus place!! How do you like the short row heel?

Oh I am so jealous! It got cold again here and my florida vacation has disappeared from memory. Enjoy - the socks, but especially the weather!

OMG, sun, palm trees, flowers! I'm so envious.

I can't begin to describe how envious I am of you right now! ;) I'm glad you're having such a good time!

Why are you doing this to us?

gorgeous photos! i'm just lovin' your sock!

Yeah, it's beautiful picture, palm tree, flowers are very nice and your sock fantastic. You're having a good time- I'm enjoy for you


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