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Back in the beginning of January I came across this zine on Laura's blog.  It looked interesting, and my appetite was whetted further when I discovered that it was available only in Toronto.  I had to find a way to get a copy down here in Boston!

Luckily, Jae heard my cry and agreed to expand distribution to include mail orders.  For the low price of 6USD, she sent me my very own copy of Take Back the Knit.  From what I see in this new publication, the Toronto area is bursting with creative knitters.

There are 13 designs intermixed with personal essays about knitting, recipes, and stories about yarn-shopping adventures.  This is definitely a publication that needs a wider audience.  If you're interested in receiving a copy of your own, contact Jae via her blog (it's linked in the paragraph above) or email her at knitwit[at]bust[dot]com.

Although I like the printed format of the zine, production costs must impose some limits on the print quality.  If this zine takes off, I wonder if Jae would consider an on-line, e-mail subscription.


Sounds cool...thanks for the post! Off to check it out now...

Thanks for sharing the info on the zine. It looks so cool!

I have this zine on order (well in that I have been told where to send the money, but I have been lazy and not sent it yet).

Gotta get it done, because it looked awfully tasty.

ooh, looks like a fun read with a blankie in a comfy chair!

Thanks for letting us all know about this 'zine. I've been meaning to try to get it, but now I have some real "instructions". Yay!

I don't think jae ever expected the zine to take off like this - yarn harlot gave her a plug and the orders started pouring in! she's a print gal, so i don't think she'd ever do an online subscription, but glad to know you enjoyed it!!

yaaaay! thanks so much for the plug colleen. as laura said, i think it could be a while before the thing goes online (i love print so much), though i never saw myself having a blog so...
in terms of the print quality - i did it all by my non-computer-savvy self so it's a little disappointing. my dad (who actually in the printing biz - why didn't i think to talk to him sooner?!) has offered to help with the next issue, so expect a colour cover and improved images inside!
now all i need is submissions from this new audience of knitters...


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