Le Club des Pieds en l'Aire, Part II

I present finished socks!


Anne was musing about the French copying everything American [Why? Our cheese is terrible :-).]  I feel a responsibility to copy something French, just to balance things on our side of the Atlantic.

The pattern was Priscilla's Dream Socks from Interweave Knits.  The yarn was Koigu KPPPM.  Koigu is everything it's cracked up to be, and more.  I will definitely knit with it again.

I cannot begin to describe how good these socks feel on my feet.  It really is as Julia says: like fresh bread for your feet.  Mmmm.

Socks were on my to-knit list for 2005.  Luckily, Valentina started off the year with a sock knit along, and although I didn't use the same pattern, she let me tag along for the ride, and encouraged my progress every step along the way.

Will these socks make me a sock knitter?  Good question.  I'll knit another pair, but not for a while.  Socks make a very good portable project, perfect to throw in a suitcase for vacation knitting, and as you can tell I love the results.  At the end of the day, however, it took me two weeks of knitting to get a pair of socks that I probably won't wear out of the house, for fear of ruining them.  It's never good to be afraid to wear an FO.  After all, that's the entire purpose of knitting.


No no no, you must wear them! Just wear them to know that they are on. Wear them to your LYS, it doesn't matter if they notice or not. Wear them when you are feeling tired in the morning and you need something to kickstart your day, wear them when you get home from work... just wear them. They are no good sitting in a drawer and they will make you feel good. So what if they get a hole down the line after lots of love. Then you'll know that they were extra loved and move on to the next pair!

Wear em! They look great and that's what they're made to do -- be worn ;) If you're really fearful of developing holes then keep the remainder of yarn around in case you need to do any darning. But definitely get out and enjoy them. Handknit socks feel great on -- you earned that pleasure!

I agree, wear them out! They're kinda like sexy underwear-no one knows, but they make you feel pretty. I love the colors.

They look great! I actually felt a bit inspired, seeing your finished pair, to go back and finish the one sock I started. I agree - enjoy them!

Certainly wear them, they're beautiful! You've inspired me to pick mine up again....and maybe go buy myself some "nice" sock yarn too.

Oh, yeah. You've got to wear them. All day, everyday. Those are stunning, and socks are meant to be temporary, their fleeting nature is part of the attraction.

They look great. It's worth wearing them out and if something happens, you get to spend two weeks with Koigu again.

One of the last issues of Knitters (I think it was the Winter 2004?) has a really fun looking sock scarf. You could certainly make something like that and just run with it! Scarves can be worn anywhere.

You should totally wear them out, and show them off! They are beautifully done!

Beautiful colour.

they look great! congratulations. And heck -- when i finish my first sock, i'll wear it all the time, even without a finished mate! : )

Beautifully done! That heel looks super.

Waoh ! great ! It is a toe-up technique with short rows ? It's my favorite.
Consider yourself as a permanent member of the "club des pieds en l'air " !

OHMIGOD they're BEAUTIFUL! I love the colors and they look like they fit perfectly! Great job!

congratulations! they're beautiful. i agree with the others -- wear them out, and enjoy!:-)

What Johanna and everybody else said: WEAR THEM!
And here's a secretabout Koigu: it appears to be superwash. I know! They don't advertise that fact, but I've washed mine with other laundry on warm and they have neither felted nor schrunk. I hear you can throw them in the dryer without ill effect, too. Go on, wear them.

Those are beautiful socks! Really, though, you should wear them like you would any other socks (minus gym socks, of course). I think you'll be surprised at just how resilient they are.

Yay for you!


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