Le Club des Pieds en l'Air

Okay, be honest with me: how bad is my French?

Well, at least I try.

I give you: my first sock! 


Here's another view (Anne, this picture is for you):


I promised myself that there would be no more photos of this half-finished sock on my blog.  I knit along merrily, and I found myself at the toe.  I shaped the toe, and then graphed it to the top of the sock.  Voilà!


Is this one number two Colleen? Congrats! Put me to shame! I'm amazed how fast socks can go when you actually work on them!

Oh, colleen! It's wonderful!

Great looking sock and I just love the color. It reminds me of some yarn I have been eye balling at Granny's that I just DON'T NEED!!

it looks great! you should be really proud. i don't see any ladders (not even mini-ladders!). that's a full pair, right? I remember seeing the toe of another sock a few days back.

Gorgeous socks! To honor you accomplishment, I've tagged you with the Music meme - see my blog at


Another big YIPPY! for you. I have to tackle socks sometime soon...

Looks good! I hope it's as snuggly as it appears....

It's beautiful, Colleen! Congratulations!

Hi, Colleen. So the virus of "les pieds en l'air" is spreading outside of France. Welcome to our club, it is very flattering for us.

i hear a happy foot singing from up north . . . :) great job!

Congrats! your socks it's very nice

Bienvenue au Club des Pieds en l'Air !!
Very nice socks !

Bienvenue au Club des Pieds en L'Air !!! Ce club est maintenant franco-suisse-belge-americo-canadien...etc!!! Mondial... Bravo!

Hi Colleen ! Nice to have you in our club of Les Pieds en l'Air, we are very proud.
Très belle chaussette, bravo !

Cute sock, nice club! ;)


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