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Now that the body of my cardigan is finished, all that remains are the button band and collar.  Originally, I had thought that I would need to knit a few long rows of ribbing and attach them to the cardigan for the button bands.  Certainly, that's not difficult to do, but I knew that I wouldn't be happy with the results.

While browsing through my copy of Mon Tricot, I discovered this alternative:


Cool!  It's a mock, horizontal rib.  On my way out the door to the train, I grabbed some spare yarn to give it a try.  A few subway stations later I realized that the pattern doesn't match my K2, P1 ribbing very well.  I cast on again, and this time I altered the pattern slightly.  Do you see the difference?


The one of the left was knit exactly as Mon Tricot specified (Row1, K; Row 2, P; Row 3, K; Row 4, K; Row 5, P; Row 6, K).  The one on the right is my modification (Row 1, K; Row 2, P; Row 3, K; Row 4, K; Row, 5 P; Row 6, P).  Much better, don't you think?

My grandmother gave me her copy of a 1972 English translation of Mon Tricot.  The book, apparently, is now out of print.  Do any of my French readers know if it is still available in French?  (Peux j'acheter ce livre en français?)  Is anyone from Crown Publishing, or its successors, reading?  There is a wonderful reprint opportunity here.


Unfortunately, Mon tricot is out of print and those of us who have he chance to have it thanks to their mother and grnadmother cherish it as it is a fantastic book! I'm so glad mum has a copy. And I do like your version best. A bientôt.


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