It's a good thing...

It's a good thing that I stopped to think for a wee bit.  I need to knit a baby gift.  After flipping through my patterns, I settled on the Bulky Baby Bibbed Pullover and a matching hat.

I would have cast on for the sweater already, but I didn't make it to the yarn store last week.  Good thing!  This weekend, it dawned on me.  This baby will live in Florida, therefore this baby probably won't get too much wear out of a bulky gauge sweater.  Sure, sure, even a Floridian baby needs a sweater in the winter, but it will be anyone's guess what size he or she will be next year.

So, I settled on a knitted toy: this from Spun Magazine.  Ain't it cute :-)?  I think the toy and a Boston Red Sox T-shirt will be the perfect combination.  The baby may live in Florida, but Red Sox Nation knows no boundaries.  Welcome to the club, kid!


Well, I hate to say this, but I may have purchased ALL of the yarn available in Boston. Seriously. It was almost gluttonous.

We had a great time. I'll hopefully write about it today, but thanks again for lunch! It was so much fun to meet you!

Hope you had fun in NYC!

wow, what a cute caterpillar! hope you're doing great :)

Okay - that catepillar is the cutest thing ever...I think I need 10 of them. :)


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