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A few weeks ago, Laura, Poor Miss Finch, had a bee-u-tee-ful cable swatch posted on her blog.  The pattern came from The Harmony Guides, Volume 5: 220 Aran Stitches and Patterns.


You all know that I'm mad for cables.  So, last week, I stopped off at my LYS to buy myself an early present for the Big Three-oh.  Allison at Circles said that this (along with the entire Harmony Guide series) was a wonderful addition to anyone's knitting library.  How could I ignore that endorsement?

I'm off to knit a few test cables with my Tahki New Tweed.  I'll report my results tomorrow.


can you bring that book next sunday? i just taught myself how to do cables last week and have knit up about 6 swatches in varying cable patterns...i'm loving it. don't know why i stayed away from them for so long...

I have the whole collection and just LOVE it! When I designed my vest, I took a cable from that book. The pictures are wondeful, the instructions clear - you couldn't go wrong with any of them. If I remember the Tahki New Tweed is very soft - have fun with your swatches!

i love the harmony books, and i've been wondering about that one...sounds like a great early gift -- hope it's the first of many!

This book is fantastic.Great pictures and instructions
good reading and good choice of book

Oooh, I'm so glad to hear you like the book! I ordered it a while ago, and it was backordered, and I just got word that it shipped. Sounds like it's worth the wait!


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