I Love My Sweater!

Meet my version of Topsecret from Knitty.  I finished it about a year ago.  This knit has lots of things in its favor: it's comfortable, soft, and in colors that go with everthing in my wardrobe.  I want to wear this sweater more often, however, it is simply too darn big.  Look:


In spite of the dark picture, I'm sure that you can see what I'm talking about.

Thanks to an article in Knitty by Theresa, I knew just what to do to fix it.  First I slipped my needle along a row of stitches:


Next, I clipped and unraveled the yarn up to that point.  The Lion Brand Homespun was a little difficult to rip back, but eventually, I had a workable row on my needles.

That's quite a pile of bouclé!

Then I bound off the row.

Ta dah!


I love my sweater again!  Do you notice how the slightly cropped body contrasts with the swingy sleeves?  That was an unexpected result.  I'm so happy with this look that I think I'll leave the sleeves as they are, instead of shortening them.  What do you think?


Great fixin'!!!!

And pleeaase leave the sleeves as they are now, it's perfect!!

Happy knitting


Yeah totally! I think it looks cool. I can't quite figure out what magic you used to do that....but I trust you. If I need to make a sweater shorter I will come back to this post. It looks great! And your cheeks are nice and rosey too!

If they don't bother you when you wear them you should definitely leave them. It's a great shape for the sweater. Way to boss it around Girl!

It looks great! so impressed you could fix it, I tend to abandon projects that did not turn out as I wanted them. But now I'll have to rethink my strategy.

You did a great job with the steeking. I think the sweater looks cute and super-cozy as is, just right for a frigid Boston winter. And as long as you love it the way it is, it's perfect!

Leave the sleeves, they look fantastic! Nice job.

If they don't bug you then leave them. It looks cozy and fun!

It's so cute! The sleeves are perfect.

that looks great! i love the way the sleeves swing out and contrast with the sweater. (i'm a fan of long sleeves, so you might want to take my two cents with a grain of salt - how's that for cliches?!) i say keep the sleeves as they are. that looks so incredible!

happy valentine's day :)

I'll add my 2 centimes :o) I think the sleeves look really cute just they way the are. The sweater is looks really nice on you! Did I mention that I LOVE the colors by the way? I'm so impressed by the way that you shortened it. If I ever need to do this, I know who to bug with questions!

Wow! what a terrific remake!

I think the sweater looks terrific, and I love the long sleeves. I know they can get in the way sometimes, but I think a long sleeve is just really cozy.

Happy Valentine's Day! :)

Great save! It's almost like knitting a whole new one to fall back in love with your work. Enjoy.

your sweater is splendid the choice of the color and of the matter of wool is very original and I like much congratulation it is a very beautiful work. Thank you for your comments on my blog which always please to me

It looks awesome either way. God, that looks SO comfy! Great job!


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