Fixin' Up the Knits

Let's get February off to a stellar start!  The knit fix is on at Alison's place.  What are my fixes?

Two for sure, one not so definite.

[I am clearly using photos from the Knitsmiths' site (saved on my computer first).  Thank you, Alison!]

The first is my Madison Coat.  The toggles and buttons (not shown in this photo) need to cinch in the coat further so that it stay closed (as shown in the photo).  It's a little too cold to be running around in an unbuttoned jacket.


Second, my ever-growing sweater.  This was the first sweater I finished (note that I didn't write "knit") and while it's warm and snuggly, the sleeves and body are also too long.


Third, and this is the one that I'm not sure about, is my Soy Silk tunic.  Personally, I think it's a wee bit too long, although it looks fine when I wear it.  This would seem to be a simple job of shortening the bottom, except that this was knit from side to side, so the bottom is not where the cast-on end is located.  As inspired by a recent knitting-technique post by Bonne Marie, I think that I could do a steek to shorten the body, remove some bulk from the piece (Soy Silk is one heavy yarn), and improve the sway and drape.  I could also ruin the thing by doing this. 


Is it worth it?  Please advise!!


do you wear the soy silk sweater much now? if not, then you definitely need to change it. if you do wear it a lot, how do you feel when you wear it? deep down i usually know when something is wrong, it's just sometimes hard for me to admit it to myself because i "thought" i was done.

if you do decide to try the steeking, why don't you give it a try on a swatch? do you have any soy silk left? i tried steeking for the first time last year and was surprised that it wasn't really difficult!

since this piece needs lots of drape maybe it would be a better candidate for a crochet steek? just a thought -- the sewing machine variety may not allow it to flow and stretch as nicely.

ps - i'm so behind on blog posting! i plan to do the music meme tomorrow :)

What Jody said. Are you wearing the soy silk tunic now? If not, would you if it were shorter? If you are wearing it, how much to you hate the way it looks now? Would you hate it less if it were shorter?
As an aside, from where I'm sitting, it looks good the way it is. But you gotta wear it.

I'd have to agree with the other comments - if you think you'd wear it more often if it was shorter, then go for it.


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