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[Question: is anyone signed up for the Phildar email list?  I signed up at least a year ago, and received nothing until yesterday.  Is that usual, or was there a problem?

I now have a few Phildar coupons (in Euros) that are valid between 15 and 26 February.  Phildar has a "forward to a friend" option.  Do you want them?  If so, leave a comment and I'll forward a copy of the email (in French) to you.]

The Harmony Guides 220 Aran Stitches and Patterns is a fantastic book!  Patterns are given in row-by-row instructions, or graphically as charts.  Before this, charts intimidated me.  I don't know why that was, because (as some of you already know, I'm sure) charts are easy!  I noticed that I initially defaulted to the row-by-row instructions because that's what I'm used to.  By the end of my swatching, however, I could easily scan across the chart to see what I needed to do for that row.


I began this gauge swatch a few days ago, and continued knitting with it to test the cables.  The Tahki New Tweed doesn't take to cables too well, in my opinion.  Although it looks better in this photo, the cables don't seem to have any "spring".

Good thing I figured that out before I got too far in my project planning for this yarn.  It means that the cabled V-neck sweater is out.  Other sweaters, however, may be in.  Actually, none of my LYSs have yet received their copies of the Classic Elite Tweed 2 booklet containing the pattern, so waiting for the order is no problem.


I'm sorry the yarn isn't working out - I've been looking at that same V-neck sweater in all the magazines! It never fails to catch my eye. I have a some stash that might just work too. I'll be watching for your progress. Glad the book's working for you - it really is terrific.

I love the colour of the yarn! Cable Popping is so important, you really want the cables to stand-out!

colleen...there's another way to make cables "pop" regardless of the yarn you're using and that is to do purl stitches on either sides of the cables. do you want me to bring my copy of "knitting on the edge" so you can see some options?

I agree with lisa on the purl stitches. I think it's worth a try in your swatch, the yarn looks so nice, and It should work well enough.

Hi Colleen,

Don't worry about Phildar, they're not into computers at all (in France they don't even sell online!). I'm interested in the coupon, a phildar store just opened in my town, let me know and maybe I could send something to you...

Bye- buy


I recently spotted a Phildar sweater with which I instantly fell in love. However, since I don't know any French, I figured it was a lost cause.


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