Band Practice

Way back in my twenties :-), button bands scared the bee-jeezus out of me.   How long should it be?  What does "gently stretched" mean?  How do I make a button hole?

Thanks to Allison's very fine finishing workshop (which I cannot recommend enough if you feel your skills are not up to par) the seaming business no longer scares me.

It would be so easy to knit the button bands at the same time as the cardigan fronts.  The additional step is, simply, a bit of a pain. 

Knitting the button band separately, then seaming it to the sweater body, makes for a more durable band--it won't stretch with that strong seam holding it to the body.  The seam also prevents the band from curling inward.  Additionally, the separate button bands give me a chance to place the buttons (and therefore button holes) evenly.  With this cardigan, I had it easy.  I simply counted the number of stockinette bands along the rib and spaced five buttons evenly.  I placed a button hole every fifth band.  That lucky break made for some easy train knitting this week.

Look:  I'm almost done.


So that no one gets the idea that I'm not wearing my socks:



Did we make you paranoid about the socks? ;-)
The cardigan looks good. I cannot figure out the colour, what is it?

hey baby, nice button bands :p that looks great!

eh, the 20s. highly overrated. enjoy your 30s - the age of self-confidence (or a reasonable facsimile).

take care!

Completely agree on all counts - the buttonholes and cardigan look great (you picked it up all the way from the bottom, right?) and my thirties and SO much better than my 20s. I'm older, sure, but much, much, wiser. Somehow the more adult I get, the more fun I have!

Happy Birthday?!?

glad you posted this! i have nothing but button bands and collar left on a cardigan i'm knitting. i ripped back one of the button bands 3 times now and haven't touched the sweater for WEEKS because it's frustrating me so. this post has given me encouragement to start again! i wish there was a finishing class i could take here in chicago though... [sigh]

Happy Birthday!!!

I've been 30 for about 4 months now, and seriously, it's pretty damn cool. :)

Have a terrific weekend!

Hey it's very nice your socks and the cardigan's fumous.

The cardigan is turning out very classy; this yarn is so shiny in all the photos -what is it?


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