Almost There!

I've finished seaming the body pieces of the cardigan.


Now all that remains are the button bands and the collar.  First, I'll knit the non-button hole band first.  When that's done and attached I'll find some buttons that I like.  This way, I'll know how many button holes I'll need, and where to place them along the band.


I love the color! I can't wait to see the collar...

Well done! And the vacation pictures are really making me jealous...lucky girl!

Looks Great!!!!! I love it.

The cardi is looking good Colleen. As for the jog issue on the socks, you pick up the "new" yarn so that it doesn't cross the "old" yarn. Believe it or not, the stitches look fine. This might only make sense when looking at it.

your cardigan it's famous, very well color, good work

Your cardigan looks lovely!


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