All Buttoned up

Thank you to everyone who encouraged me to wear my socks--holes be damned!  I will wear them--a lot, I promise.

In less than a day I will no longer be able to describe myself as "in my twenties".  Therefore, I have to make the most of this time :-).  In that spirit, today's post is about a speedy shopping experience.

Visiting Windsor Button usually requires at least 45 minutes out of my day.  The button selection is huge.  When I say "huge" I mean "enormous".  Sometimes I can find all of the choices to be overwhelming.  This time I knew what I wanted: round, chunky, and low-contrast.  In about 30 seconds I had zeroed in on my choice.  In about five minutes I was back out on Washington Street, toting my button purchase back to my office.  A personal best for in-and-out shopping.


Yes, that is shadow in that photograph.  Morning sunshine has returned!

I loved them!  They matched the yarn perfectly, and the oh-so-slight sunburst motif gave them a cheery look.  Later that day, however, I started to have second thoughts.  Are they too big, I wondered.   Was my purchase too hasty, I asked myself.  I had the pleasure of meeting the oh-so-lovely Wendy in person for a little KIP at our local café.  She reaffirmed that I'd made a great choice.

I felt so much better :-).  Now, on to the button band....


Those buttons are great. And if you want to jazz them up, you could probably slip a little gold thread in the spokes as it were.

I thought of the buttons more like sunflowers than sun burst (though the imagery is admittedly very similar). Great selection!

Don't you just love adding the finishing touches to a work of art? The buttons are beautiful!

Happy (early?) Birthday!

Ahhh, now I spotted you over here! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope it's a lovely one...

And the buttons really are perfect. Great find.

The buttons are GREAT - and what a terrific picture of them. :)

I hope you have a wonderful birthday - and don't worry about being 30, it gives you a certain cache. I swear. ;)

And yes, isn't Mrs. Bookish just fab?!

Thanks for the nice comment about my geranium socks. I saw your koigu sock picture today and now I MUST buy that yarn. Great job! And yes, wear them, wear them, wear them!

hey there, colleen. how you doin, girl?!? i'm sorry that i didn't get back to you about windows media player. as it turns out, i recorded two cd's beautifully. then, i began to type out a tutorial to you, and i couldn't remember how i did it. i kept trying to make a belle and sebastian cd for lolly lauren, and it kept saying "burn unsuccessful." fortunately the nero program my hubby bought came in two days ago, so i was able to use that. but still. i'm no help, and i'm sorry!

those are cool buttons! i think it's so cool that there's a button store. if i ever get up there again, i'll have to check it out. how cute!!

thanks for the birthday wishes. i hope you have a wonderful one yourself, dear!

great buttons...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


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