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I finished seaming the button bands to the cardigan fronts last night, and now it's time to pick up stitches for the collar.

Give my my yarn and a crochet hook!  I don't think that there's one right way to pick up stitches, as long as the loops face the correct way on the needles.  I locate the stitch just underneath the bind-off edge, using the stitch loops as my location guide.  Some patterns say to pick up three out of every four stitches, or four out of every five.  I say, do what looks good to you.

Which is exactly what I did here.



I find finishing the hardest part! Love the colour of the yarn.

i agree - "do whatever looks good to you." at the sweater class i took this past fall, the teacher gave that same advice. i had to pick up stitches for the collar, and i did. she said she would've done it differently, but that everyone does it differently. that's what makes knitting so cool - there are so many "right" ways to do things!

hope you had a great weekend :)

I'm with you, darlin'! I don't mind picking up stitches, but I use the recommended number of stitches to pick up given as a guide rather than a rule. I usually end up picking up a few more (with socks and the like) than recommended so that I can avoid having holes in the fabric.

I can't wait to see the finished cardigan!

What IS this gorgeous yarn?? The stitches are beautiful, a perfect complement.


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