To Kitchener or Not to Kitchener?

To graph or not to graph?  That is the question.

I kitchenered.   I sat down with my copy of Vogue Knitting and followed the instructions.  The worst part of the kitchener stitch, in my opinion, was starting it.  Once I established the rhythm (knitwise, purwise, purlwise, knitwise, repeat) it was smooth sailing.


Not too bad for my first try, eh?


Looks great, Colleen!

Nice job! I screwed up my first toe on my first sock and need to rip back to re-do it. You're inspiring me...

oooh! very good, Colleen! Yea...I think it *is* all in the rhythm of it - once you get it, you'll never need to think about it again. Nice sock, btw. Very pretty color scheme.

Very nice! I still haven't kitchenered. I do some fancy needle acrobatics to avoid it. One day I'll show the world and there'll be merriment in knit-blogland.

no, not bad at all! it is pretty cinchy once you get that rhythm going, isn't it? you did a great job!


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