Time to Start the Heel

First: thank you to everyone who responded to my question about heel shaping last week, and to everyone who would have responded, if the question hadn't been answered already.  Our community of knitbloggers is so helpful. 

I thought I would post one final picture of my sock, before I drop off into the abyss of heel turning.  This is my last post as someone who has never turned a heel.  After this heel turning will become a non-newsworthy event in my life.


Oh, what am I carrying on about about?  As Valentina says, socks are nothing but a tube with a hiccup in the middle.  I like her description of it, because it takes all the trepidation out of heel turning.  I can do this!


you can do it -- you're not dropping off into the abyss, you're reaching the peak! (that looks even cornier than it sounds. sorry.) :-)

i agree - it's no abyss. heck, it's not even a pothole! just put on some soothing music, have your favorite drink close by, and turn that heel! you can do it!!!

can't wait to see the upcoming pic of the heel!

Hmm. Are you done yet? Since your post you've put one subway ride and lunch behind you. Oh, I didn't tell you that the hiccup takes as long as the leg. So don't get worried if it seems to take for ever. And I believe you only "turn the heel" when you make the flap heel kind, and there are three steps ivolved, one of which is the turning of the heel. Granted, there's a lot of turning involved with a short row heel. So maybe I'm talking out of a food induced coma.


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