Third time's the Charm?

I present to you the right front of my cardigan!


"Um, Colleen?  Those cold meds must be going to your head," you say.  "Those are just balls of yarn."

Yeah, okay, well it was the right front until I ripped it out.

It was an experiment gone wrong.  When I cast on for the cardigan's right front, I cast on five extra stitches, thinking it would help center the button band.  What I didn't think of at the time was the neck shaping.  Those extra stitches would make the neck opening wider on the right than on the left.  Just writing about it now makes it seem so stupid.  Of course the extra stitches would alter the width of the piece!

So, it was off to the frog pond with me.  This will be the third attempt at knitting this piece of the cardigan.  I can take comfort in the fact that I'm not alone, we've all been there. 

I certainly won't make this mistake again.  Why repeat a mistake twice, where there are so many other new mistakes waiting to be made ?


That stinks! I hate frogging! (Then again, I doubt anyone actually likes frogging...) :-P

Hey, I have a couple of sweaters that look like this, too! (Only in different colors, lol.)
Don't feel bad, I have made much stupider mistakes. Good luck on your next try.


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