The Sock Grows

"Enough already with the eye candy!" you shout.  "What's happening with your knitting?"

The first of Priscilla's Dream Socks continues to grow and grow.  I'm almost done with the ribbing:


To paraphrase one commenter from last week, I've certainly hit my double-point groove.  The K2P2 ribbing is a rhythmic stitch pattern, and the constant shifting with the DPNs keeps it from becoming monotonous.

The heel gets closer to knitting reality, and I have one question for experienced sock creators.  As I'm working across, the instructions indicate that I need to work to a certain point then turn (as you would, with short rows).  The instructions do not indicate if I need to wrap any stitches.  Is the stitch wrapping implied because of the short rows, or is the step not required because of the yarn overs?  Thanks!


No wrapping.The yarn overs make that unnecessary.It's now my favourite heel and toe.Just follow the destructions,it'll all make sense once you do it.

Generally cuff-down patterns don't require wrapping... I've only seen that in toe-up versions. Good luck!

What Emma said. The YO are used in place of the wraps. Try and keep them tight. That colourway is gorgeous!

That's my favorite sock pattern. Your dad looks adorable in his hat from a few posts ago!

which eye candy are you referring to? the pic of dad? or the spring interweave preview?...tee hee

Very nice color for the socks. it's very cute


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