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Before I get too far along with my hat, I thought I'd check out what my fellow Men-in-Hats alongers were making for their manly chapeaux.  Does my Dad's knit have any similarities to what's out there, hat-wise, for the fashion-conscious male of 2005?

It seems like ribby hats are THE hat to have this season.  Kris finished hers just before Christmas.  Gina finished her hat on Sunday.  It's so cute!  I like the stripes because they're a simple way to match a hat to a coat, support the team, or just make a dandy combination of two shades that you know will look good on the wearer.  I don't see that Katy is done with her hat just yet, but she's given me a new adjective: sucktacular.  That's funny!  Does the OED know about it?

Then again, Linda did this fabulous Fair Isle knit for her husband.  Not too shabby!

Unfortunatly, I didn't see an abundance of ear-flap hats.  It's a good thing that my Dad has a style all his own. He isn't easily swayed by fashion trends; he moves to his own beat.  Dad wanted earflaps, and earflaps he will get.


No, sucktacular is not yet in the OED. However, I found two uses of it in printed sources (Orlando Weekly News and The Yale Herald) and submitted these to the OED, so they may soon open a file on it. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

My kid #1 wants a second earflap hat and I love the way they look with his long hair. Go earflaps!

I can't wait to see the finished your job, that's very interesting, nice and original. The wool are funny

Is this a hint that I need to get my butt in gear and post a Men In Hats Update before the month ends? :-P

I love the earflaps!


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