Sock Swatching

Fear not, Valentina, it's your turn today.

I feel like I'm getting left in the dust over at the Knit-a-Long-Sock Knit-along.  I've got work to do!

Here's my Koigu swatch.  Fellow subway riders cast quizzical glances at me and my knitting during the last couple of days.  This being Boston, however, no one bothered to ask what I was doing.  They just stared at the four needles.


I'm knitting Priscilla's Dream Socks from the members-only section of Interweave Knits.  I like Interweave's patterns, and I've had my eye on this one for some time.

Coincidentally, Alison knit the same socks not too long ago.  I liked the way her socks turned out, but I remember that she had some frustrations with the pattern.  Oh dear!  Should I rethink this?

These are my first socks.  Before I cast on a single stitch, I will sit down with the pattern, read it, and understand it.

I better get a move on!  I have to be in Lexington for 7:00.  It's the first day of the Wild & Woolly sale.  Will I see you there?  Those of us who don't have to dash off somewhere afterwards can meet up at the Peet's Coffee on Mass. Ave. for a coffee and some knitting.


I just printed that pattern off this morning! Have fun with it. The Koigu is beautiful!

wow, your koigu colorway is just gorgeous - perfect for socks. it's so true about people staring at all the dpns - i guess they think it's some "new fangled crafting device." ha!

That Koigu is beautiful. Let me warn you that socks can be addictive! I'm looking forward to seeing your progress.

I ALWAYS have people asking me what I'm doing on the T. More often than not it's some freak-y-zoid!

I had someone on the T look at my SIP and ask "Do you bake bread also?". Be glad that they are only looking and not asking! Can't wait to see how it went at Wild and Wooly!

man, you are leaving me in the dust! i haven't even gotten my knit a long sock yarn yet. love the koigu. your dad's hat is looking good, too.

i like the dream sock pattern, but i'm still partial to the ozyarn style of doing short rows. just something to consider :)

What I would not give for people to just stare at the needles. In NYC they either stare at me to get my attention, they talk about me to a friend as if I weren't there to see if I will chime in (I don't) or they just start talking to me and sometimes never stop. Johanna mentioned a 'SIP'. What is that?
Don't fear Priscilla's sock pattern. It's just a sock pattern. As much as I love the short row heel, I'm not so fond of the short row toe. See how you like it and then try something else. Hey, you joined a group for that! ;-)


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