Sleeve Island

I've resisted posting about them earlier because sleeves are just so boring.  How much can you really write about them?  Look, I knit an inch!  Hey, here's another!  Say it with me, "BOR-ing."  Even the photo is quite uninspiring.  Yawn....


In spite of this, every cardigan must have sleeves.  Let's hope that this will be the first and only post about the sleeves for this cardigan.  Fingers crossed....

I'm knitting both sleeves at the same time, using two balls of yarn.  A few months ago, I saw Johanna using this technique for her Purple Ox sweater.  What a great idea, I thought to myself.  That way, I'll know that both sleeves are the same length, the cap shaping will be identical, and (probably most importantly) both sleeves will be finished at the same time.  Johanna said that she doesn't thing doing both sleeves simultaneously takes more time than doing both separately, and I agree.

As you may know, sleeves go on forever, then suddenly they're almost finished.  Melanie just returned from her latest trip to Sleeve Island with her Rogue sleeves.  That's where I am right now, and I can't wait to return to the mainland.


There is something to be said for sleeves, though. I started the body for Rogue and it is going along at a snail's pace (it's done in the round, so the rows are ssssoooooo long). I like to do sleeves first because you can do them and finish them and get a quick sense of accomplishment before the long haul that is the torso.

Purple Ox was even worse than that... it was two sleeves, at the same time, doing them in the round using the magic loop method! Those went on forever, but you are right, I always do two sleeves together at the same time. I'm glad that you agreee that they take the same amount of time as one sleeve alone would, and when you are done, you are done!

Happy New Year with you also, thank you for this comment on my new blog. I put to you in my bonds and would continue to follow you on your next post. Sorry but my english it's not very good


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