Seamingly Beautiful

C'mon.  You knew there had to be a pun one of these days :-).

As reported in yesterday's post, last night was the final session in Circles finishing workshop series.  Believe me, it was well worth the $25.

This post will not adequately express the joy (yes, pure knitting joy) I felt upon creating my first invisible seam.   Look:

No more fudging!  Do you see the color of the seaming yarn?  It's purple.  Do you see the color of the stockinette?  It's blue.  In spite of that, you can't see the seam; it's truly invisible.

Lest you think that seaming vertical stockinette was all that we did, I'm also skilled with seaming horizontal to vertical stockinette (as in sleeves to a sweater body), reverse stockinette seaming, and attaching garter-stitch pieces (in all directions).  I just don't want to bore you with picture after picture of, yup, you guessed it, beautiful seams.

Finishing no longer seems (ahem) the daunting task it once was, and that's such a relief to me.

Thank you Allison for taking the stress out of finishing!

I think that I can confidently say:  Finisher

(Thanks Moon Arts!)

In other news, a catalogue from Herrschners somehow wended its way into my mailbox recently.  I was idly flipping through it last night and holy cow!  Most of the time mail-order yarn is not my thing (you can't feel the yarn before buying, and it's bad for your LYS) but I haven't been able to find a particular colorway of this yarn in sufficient quantities at my usual local yarn haunts.

Whoops!  Looks like someone is growing a stash.  This means that I'd better get back to my knitting.


Yay for you - the seam is beautiful. There is nothing like a perfect seam, the feeling is wonderful!!

You rock! That's something I strive to achieve. Maybe next time?

as i sit here setting sleeves (on scout's debbie bliss wrap dress) with backstitch...i'm wishing i had gotten a babysitter last night and attended the class....your seams are seamless....

Perfect finishing on a gorgeous colour ! ;-)
Is it a bamboo sewing needle ? I have never seen anything like that.

Absolutely beautiful seam. I'm jealous!

I've done a lot of OYS shopping for yarn, mostly because there aren't a whole lot of LYSes to choose from in my area.

Great seams. Enjoy your newfound skills and put them to work. Come to my house?

My DH is giving me his old handheld, but it's not a Palm, so I don't know whats available yet...

great finishing!

beautiful, beautiful finishing. you inspired me to go back and do some "do overs"!


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